Permafrost Monitoring

2D Resistivity is an excellent method to identify permafrost in overburden and bedrock. In a 2D Resistivity profile permafrost shows up as an area of distinctively increased resistivity which makes it easy to differentiate the permafrost distribution in the subsurface.

Beginning in 2007 we have measured hundreds of resistivity profiles in the permafrost areas of the Yukon and Northern BC. The experience we have gained doing this allows us to identify permafrost and interpret complex patterns of discontinuously frozen conditions. It also allows us to identify the slightest changes in the permafrost in repeated profiles.

The accuracy of the interpretation of scientific data can never be guaranteed since there is always a margin of error involved. Having said this, drilling has verified our profile interpretations with an accuracy of greater than 90%.

For permafrost monitoring we offer: single measurements, single measurements repeated at a certain interval, or monitoring with a permanently installed measuring system. We are also able to provide specialized solutions designed to meet the client's specific requirements.