Geophysical Placer Exploration for Yukon Government 2010

Yukon Geological Survey ordered Arctic Geophysics Inc. to investigate four different Yukon areas with 2D Resistivity for the developement of new industrial placer ground. The measuruing results of the 45days survey are open information intended as an incentive for investores, prospectors, and miners.

Basic Survey Information.pdf (2.0 MB)
Los Angeles Creek.pdf (6.5 MB)
Wolf Creek.pdf (5.6 MB)
Ladue River.pdf (9.2 MB)
Rice Creek.pdf (4.6 MB)

Download full report at Yukon Government website:
2D Resistivity / IP data release for placer mining and shallow quartz mining — Yukon 2010. pdf (10.6 MB)

Survey area

Crew: Stefan Ostermaier,
Eloi Mayano-Vinet,
Alexandre Duhamel Gingras

Hiking from
Los Angeles Line 07 to
Wolf Line 06

Processing at
Los Angeles Line 07,

Rendezvous with the helicopter
at confluence of Los Angeles
Creek and Yukon River

Start of the exploration,
Dawson City/Yukon,

Data Acquisition,
Wolf Creek
Line 06