Arctic Geophysics Inc. specializes in geo­physical services for the mining industry of the Yukon, BC and NWT.

We provide subsurface imaging solutions for both placer and mineral exploration and have supported many prospecting projects across the North. Our customers range from smaller family placer companies to large mining companies and government. We provide GPS-based data acquisition, in-the-field processing, and professional interpretation using industry proven geophysical methods such as 2D Resistivity/Induced Polarization, Magnetics and Soil Sampling.

In Western Canada we are considered to be leaders in placer related resistivity testing because of our years of industry specific experience. Our surveys use a lightweight, custom-built 2D RESISTIVITY imaging system with rapid data acquisition. Our custom system weighs approximately 120 kg which is
about one third of regular standard equip­ment. It can be run with a 12V lead battery. This equipment facilitates high mobility and rapid data acquisition with a small crew. We leave little if any impact in the areas we survey. At the most sometimes some small scale brush clearing is needed.

For your mining exploration projects we can pro­vide industry leading proven results, accu­racy in the high 90 percentile in a cost effective and time saving way. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested, we are happy to provide a proposal and estimate for you at no cost and with no obligation. We are able to and have been providing quality reporting for a variety of uses including analyzing exploration, private reports for use in investment and for academic research. Geophysical work can also be used for assess­ment work in both the Yukon and BC and we have published hundreds of Assessment reports for clients to date.